Second Star is the point of reference that always inspired dreamers and innovators, driving them to an imaginary island where their magic ideas happen.
“Neverland” has never been so real thanks to new latest immersive technologies of AR, MR and VR that makes the dream come true, even the one to fly.

We study data, collect use case & insights, commit researches, partner with Enterprises, Universities, Consulting firms and collaborate with Agencies to inspire, train, assist, managers, entrepreneurs, and students on Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality business solutions.

We created a fully new ecosystem to successfully operate in what we call “Media Reality”, the new chapter of the never-ending story of technology and media.

We connect people and best in class companies providing a unique platform of sharing knowledge on “Media Reality”.

We provide comprehensive training paths and tailor made solutions to let our customer unlock the potential of “Media Reality” for productivity, sales, marketing and communication.

We create seminars and conferences opportunities to understand and discuss of “Media Reality”

We advise our clients on the design thinking process to shape the most effective strategy for their business taking advantage of “Media Reality” technology.

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