ITALIAN TECH WEEK – Turin, September 29-30

From 29 to 30 September ITALIAN TECH WEEK returned to Turin, the largest event in Italy, IN PRESENCE, in the field of technology.

Two days of discussion, comparison, insights and masterclasses useful for those who live on the crest of bits, startups, companies and digital professionals but also for those who are curious and interested in knowing the future that is here.

There have been important speakers from all over the world.
From the world of institutions and finance, to startuppers and artists such as Achille Lauro and Manuel Agnelli.

Yes, because now it’s all tech!

Thursday 29 at 11.30 a panel of discussion on the #metaverso topics moderated by Barbara Gasperini.

Update 2022/10/03
The video recording of the panel can now be watched via this link.


ITALIAN TECH WEEK - Lorenzo Montagna