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Salone dei Pagamenti – Meeting with Lorenzo Montagna: “The META future of payments”

On November 23rd, 24th and 25th the Salone dei Pagamenti is back, the most important national reference event on Payments and Innovation for the Italian banking industry and beyond.

Friday 25 November, 11:30, YELLOW3 room, Lorenzo Montagna participated in the session “The META future of payments” moderated by Massimo Cerofolini, radio and television journalist.


Salone Dei Pagamenti - We Are Open - Lorenzo Montagna


During the session, with the contribution of the speakers involved, it has been analyzed how, although no one is able to offer an unambiguous definition, the metaverse continues to attract the interest of the business and financial world. By 2025, according to Bloomberg intelligence, 800 billion dollars will flow into the global market linked to this immersive world, which can be accessed with an avatar capable of moving, interacting, following events or making purchases of both physical and virtual goods. In this session we try to identify the most promising opportunities of the new frontier: NFT certificates, crypto wallets, digital properties that can be monetized, immersive promotional spaces.



The interview with Lorenzo Montagna, conducted at the Salone dei Pagamenti on the subject of Metaverse in the finance field, is available at this link.