YouMark - Metaverse is the new form of Internet

YouMark – Metaverse is already the new form of Internet

“The Metaverse is already now the new form of internet”, began Lorenzo Montagna, Founder and CEO of seconda-stella srl and author of the book ‘Metaverse – Us and the web 3.0‘ at the first event of ‘Plan.Net of Tomorrow’ . “As in the” Rorschach spots “everyone, for now, sees what he prefers. But let’s remember that the Metaverse is not a video game, it’s not an NFT, it’s not a virtual reality. It is something that includes and encompasses all of this, but it is much more. Let’s still give ourselves at least five years of time to allow the Metaverse to develop all its potential, and together we will be able to discover something that, at least for some of its variations, will surely surprise us”.

Full article available here (italian language).