Augmented Reality in Retail Apps

Why Is It Beneficial to Integrate Augmented Reality in Retail Apps?


Augmented Reality in Retail Apps: Augmented Reality is the talk of the town. With the advancement in Smartphone cameras and the boost in the computing capability of processors, Augmented Reality (AR) is slowly coming of age and is expected to revolutionize the way we interact with our surroundings. With offline retail ceding ground to eCommerce and mCommerce, the one place that offline sales actually has an edge is in customer gratification where the user actually gets to feel the product before proceeding with the purchase. This equation now changes with Augmented Reality.

Here’s how Augmented Reality can revolutionize retail apps:

– See before you Buy: With Augmented Reality, the uncertainty behind online purchases can be mitigated. Unlike regular app-based or browser-based online purchases where users just get to read a description and view an image of the product, Augmented Reality can actually render a 3D image of the item while viewed through the app. This helps see a scaled replica of the product.

– Virtual Supermarkets: The shopping aisles of the future are likely to transform with Augmented Reality apps. Instead of stocking up a large load of products on the aisles, Augmented Reality-based imagery can instead be generated in place of the actual object and an online checkout can get the item delivered at home or at the checkout counter. This makes inventory storage easier and reduces the size of aisles.

– Informed Purchases: Researching on product purchases can be made easy too! With a holographic image of the product being created, the product can be virtually “toyed with” to understand how it can be used in different settings. Such a feature helps consumers understand how their product will work before they actually buy it.

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