Newsletter – Metaverse and Retail 5.0

Newsletter – A 9 stages journey into the Metaverse

Newsletter – Metaverse and Retail 5.0

The complexity of the Metaverse made simple and understandable.

A 9 stages journey into the Metaverse.

This edition of the newsletter is a synthesis of the chapter “The beginning of the journey” of my book “Metaverse. Us and the Web 3.0“, in which I analyze the main concepts that revolve around the controversial term “Metaverse”, displaying a path divided into stages:

  • First stage: a world beyond
  • Second stage: the “phy-gital” world
  • Third stage: space
  • Fourth stage: gamified, virtual and social
  • Fifth stage: in-person, between avatars and digital humans
  • Sixth stage: increased
  • Seventh stage: decentralized
  • Eighth stage: persistent and open
  • Ninth stage: proprietary.

Metaverse is a concept today.
It’s the idea of an advanced and complex digital world that goes beyond the relationship we live today between people and the web, typically “mediated” by a screen that separates us from the contents.
TVs, PCs and smartphones have contents “inside”, and we are outside.

The Metaverse, with its technologies (the so-called web 3.0), is already, and will increasingly be, instead, a world where real and digital overlap, or alternate and replace themselves, creating new hybrid experiences where digital conquers the space, the one around to us, where we live.

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