Newsletter – Metaverse and Retail 5.0

Newsletter – How 5G Enables Metaverse Development

Newsletter – Metaverse and Retail 5.0

The complexity of the Metaverse made simple and understandable.

How 5G Enables Metaverse Development.

This week’s Newsletter is a summary of Sabrina Baggioni‘s * contribution in my book “Metaverse. We and the Web 3.0“.

If our digital world is ever more personal, contextual, broad and realistic, we will need a fast connection, indeed ultra-fast, as we move from pages to spaces, from photos and videos to Virtual Try-ons and concerts.

5G is the technology which, due to its distinctive characteristics, will make it possible to:

– support the development and ensure the survival of the Metaverse as we know it today as users grow;
bring the Metaverse out of the flat screen by adding three-dimensionality;
personalize the experience in the Metaverse, bringing the physicality of the person’s movement into the parallel digital world.

In this week’s article we explore the characteristics by which 5G manages to satisfy the technical needs of the Metaverse, the available solutions, and the challenges and priorities for the Metaverse of the future.

Enjoy the reading!

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* Sabrina Baggioni is one of the leading experts in Italy on the subject of 5G and beyond.
She has been Director of the 5G Program of Vodafone Italia since 2017 and has been responsible for the Product Portfolio, Solutions and Partnerships of Vodafone Business Italia. She has led Vodafone’s 5G experimentation in Milan as a large open-air laboratory. She has coordinated the commercial launch of Vodafone’s 5G in June 2019 and subsequently managed the development of the 5G Consumer and Business services and solutions portfolio in Italy.

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