Newsletter – Metaverse and Retail 5.0

Newsletter – Metaverse: a new public institution and a new private market

Newsletter – Metaverse and Retail 5.0

The complexity of the Metaverse made simple and understandable.

Metaverse: a new public institution and a new private market.

This week’s Newsletter is a summary of Carlo Alberto Carnevale-Maffè‘s contribution in my book “Metaverse. We and the Web 3.0“.

It’s not a playground for returning tech teens.

The Metaverse is already today, among many other things, a new public institution (because it presents itself as a configuration of superstructures organized through systems of rules) and a new private market (because it is a place of efficient exchanges, equipped with specific and original methods to enter into and execute contracts and make payments).

It is therefore necessary to ensure that it is configured as an inclusive and liberal democratic institution and an open and competitive market.

In the article proposed this week we analyze how the three founding principles of institutions and markets, summarized in the principles proposed by the Roman jurist Eneo Domizio Ulpiano in his Rules:

– to attribute to each his own (unicuique suum)
– respect the agreements (pacta sunt servanda)
– do no harm to others (alterum non laedere)

are reinterpreted in the context of the Metaverse.

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