Newsletter – Metaverse and Retail 5.0

Newsletter – Metaverse and art: a dialogue with Federico Clapis

Newsletter – Metaverse and Retail 5.0

The complexity of the Metaverse made simple and understandable.

Metaverse and art: a dialogue with Federico Clapis.

This week’s newsletter delves into the relationship between the Metaverse and the world of art, more precisely the world of crypto-art.

The idea originates from the interview contained in my book “Metaverse. We and the Web 3.0“, with Federico Clapis, a very successful Italian artist; he was the first Italian, in terms of notoriety and sales, who began his career in the real world with real works (such as sculptures) and then transformed them into NFTs well in advance of the “metamaniac” trends of 2021.

As often happens, the art world is the one that opens up new languages, new forms of expression and therefore markets.

Blockchain and smart contract have created a new transparent and certified ecosystem that values the artist’s work much more than what happens in the traditional world, where galleries and auction houses often manage important sales without recognizing shares to those who created the work in its passages between collectors and investors.

Crypto-art and crypto-artists follow many of the canons of traditional art, such as the concept of unique works, multiples and collectibles, but still remain at the forefront on very different paths compared to more traditional colleagues.

You can read the excerpt of the interview (in italian language) directly on LinkedIn.

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