Newsletter – The Metaverse according to Meta: some thoughts from Luca Colombo

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The complexity of the Metaverse made simple and understandable

The metaverse according to Meta: some thoughts from Luca Colombo.

This week I share an interview carried out in the writing of the book “Metaverse – Us and the Web 3.0” – Mondadori, to which I refer you for further information in 270 pages, full of different points of view and different and authoritative testimonials.

In this episode Luca Colombo presents Meta‘s point of view on the Metaverse theme.

The recent results of the Menlo Park group have caused much discussion.
I think it is important to carefully read what Luca wrote, because it is clear that the strategic pivoting and the activities undertaken by Meta require time to have an impact on the income statement.

And they require partnerships like the one presented during the recent “Connect” event: a strategic alliance with Microsoft to bring the Microsoft 365 battleship OFFICE, in addition to the video call / collaboration platform TEAMS and XBOX games to mixed reality headsets (QUEST PRO presented on the same day). All this while working with Adobe and Accenture.

At the same time it’s important to say that Meta is just one of the operators of the Metaverse and not the only one to always focus everything on.
Although the “old” Facebook was the company that a year ago took a clear position on the future of the web and of social networks in particular, there are many operators who are working with enormous success given their greater experience both in terms years of investment and specific skills.

I am thinking, for example, of the videogame sector – closed or open Metaverses – such as Fortnite and The Sandbox which have just recently launched new “branded entertainment” operations with various brands such as POLO or Star Wars or Gucci in the NFT sphere, confirming that the world of fashion now has a strategic approach to the Metaverse and the WEB3.

In short, the Metaverse is a digital environment where various technologies and operators are merging, new experiences on the user side and new businesses on the corporate side. As with any technology, we have to give time for revolutions to happen, and they do!

Festina Lente” said the Latins. Hurry yes, but slowly. Those who know about technology can only subscribe. Systems, indeed ecosystems are not born in a few months. And this of the metaverse is a meta-system, not only technological but also economic and financial.

This is what I learned by studying the Metaverse “phenomenon” for 9 months, with 15 interviews including, of course, that of Luca Colombo, Country Director of Meta in Italy.

The key points of this interview that you can read on LinkedIn are:

  • What is Meta doing for the Metaverse?
  • How the Metaverse can improve people’s lives?
  • Forecasts for the future.

Enjoy the reading!

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