Newsletter - 2024 Predictions and Trends in Emerging Technologies - Part 1

Newsletter – 2024 Predictions and Trends in Emerging Technologies – Part 1

Newsletter – Metaverse and Retail 5.0

The complexity of the Metaverse made simple and understandable.

2024 Predictions and Trends in Emerging Technologies – Part 1

The first Newsletter of the year is an analysis of researches, data, forecasts and news (published by many authoritative sources) on the social and economic impacts that emerging technologies will have on people and companies in 2024, in order to understand what will happen regarding the Metaverse, Us and Web 3.

It will be a year full of challenges, already anticipated by the 49th Ambrosetti Forum on the future and productivity of the Italian System. The themes presented on this occasion in Cernobbio, in September 2023, were energy sustainability, geopolitics, inflation, demography and above all new technologies (such as Artificial Intelligence) which will specialize and be customised for specific sectors.

For the Metaverse and the XR (Experience Reality) sector are being reviewed the cases of Apple (with the launch of the Vision Pro in February), Meta (with the release of a new Augmented Reality viewer), the research of International Data Corporation (IDC) on the growth of the AR/VR sector.

Apple Vision Pro - Spatial Computer

As for Us, there is a growing tendency for people to move to a so-called “Onlife” state, such is the increase in activities that require a human-tech relationship. Limits of attention, need for a work-life balance, lack of interest in mediocre products (an Accenture research in this regard talks about “Meh-diocrity”), search for authenticity and transparency towards brands (with the ongoing change from Brand to “Brand Activist” in the quest for generating social values).

Accenture - Life Trends 2024 Report

The cases of Twitch, Discord and other alternative platforms that younger generations have chosen to socialize in a more controlled and active way are examined too.

McKinsey, in a research addressed to 4000 international CEOs (“What matters most? 8 CEO priorities for 2024”), finds a dystonia between the perception of the importance of specific “Technology Disruptors” and the practical actions to plan for having a profitable strategy in place that doesn’t just focus on details (or just an isolated technology, like AI).

McKinsey - Priorities for CEOs in 2024

There’s a lot going on in the world of Web 3, from Bitcoin-based ETFs to VISA‘s Web 3 customer loyalty initiatives.
The most interesting themes and use cases that are emerging in this field will be explored in depth in the next Newsletter.

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