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Newsletter – AI, but not only. The latest news from emerging technologies

Futuro. Noi e il Web 3.0

The complexity of emerging technologies made simple and understandable.

AI, but not only. The latest news from emerging technologies

In the new edition of the Newsletter “Futuro – Noi e il Web 3.0” we talk about Artificial Intelligence, its evolutions in interactions (close to situations previously only imagined in movies), its ramifications that are emerging in both consumer and business contexts, the news coming from Google, and the case of Elon Musk‘s new xAI startup.

xAI - Elon Musk

New Geospatial Augmented Reality experiments by Google and Unity, with examples in the field of tourism already undertaken in Paris and Singapore.

Singapore - Augmented Reality

Google Astra is also arriving, expanding search services by offering its own ‘senses’ of listening and looking to find solutions by interpreting objects or contexts of our surrounding environment.

Google Astra

The symbiosis of Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence generates magic and optimistic growth forecasts for the sector, mobile and beyond, while Walmart also expands its realm into 3D Virtual Reality.

Walmart Realm

There are new partnerships for Meta, new trends for its Quest3 devices and new studies also by Stanford University on the development of glasses to make 3D vision accessible.

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