Lorenzo Montagna - Treccani - Immerse yourself in technology: augmented, virtual and extended reality

Lorenzo Montagna: AR, VR, MR – edulia Masterclass – Treccani

edulia Masterclass is the name of the Treccani project (which has been synonymous with culture and knowledge since 1925) for the e-learning platform dedicated to those who always want to learn something new among many current topics relating to technology, but not only limited to technology.

Lorenzo Montagna collaborated on this extraordinary project: the important strategic passage of the Treccani brand towards the new generations, which have always been “onlife”, with a new, ad hoc cultural project based on digital media, precisely online.

Treccani involved Lorenzo Montagna in the project with the aim of simplifying the complexity of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Metaverse technologies by sharing his 5 years of work on these topics.

More information, programs and discount codes available here: linkedin.com > Treccani
The official website of the project is online here: edulia.it