Newsletter - Futuro - Noi e il Web 3.0

Newsletter – Future – Present: AI Devices, Robotics, XR Development

Futuro. Noi e il Web 3.0

The complexity of emerging technologies made simple and understandable.

Newsletter – Future – Present: AI Devices, Robotics, XR Development

In this fourth newsletter on the digital future we show you what happened for us as people and professionals in the new technologies sector during the last month.

In regards to Artificial Intelligence we talk about the new Open Interpreter AI Agent and its related device, the 01 light. Google continues its evolution and announces a new application that uses AI for video creation (production and assembly included).

Open Interpreter 01 Light

There are news also about “Advanced Robotics“, with new sightings of Tesla’s Optimus robot peeking out here in Italy, Apple’s “Home Robots” division (as reported by Mark Gurman for Bloomberg), new projects from the veterans at Boston Dynamics and from new entries like the Chinese Astribot.

Tesla - Optimus Robot

The XR Development sees the enterprise interest confirmed for the creation of digital experiences, while Apple, appropriately, introduces the “Spatial Personas” that makes it possible to see people around our own visual field when connected with other Vision Pro. Meta opens his Meta Horizon operating system to other devices (from Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Microsoft, Asus …).
Paris launches a new collection of smartphone filters on its 2024 Olympics app to offer a unique outdoor experience for exploring the Olympic world.

Meta Horizon OS

Live events continue on Fortnite with the first Italian artists leading this type of events, while Nike returns (still on Fortnite) with his Airphoria island (vol. 2) for the launch of a new model of sneaker available in the real world.

Nike - Airphoria vol. 2 - Air Max Dn - Fortnite

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