Newsletter – Metaverse and Retail 5.0

Newsletter – Metaverse: the digital twin community in the cloud is already an opportunity

Newsletter – Metaverse and Retail 5.0

The complexity of the Metaverse made simple and understandable.

Metaverse: the digital twin community in the cloud is already an opportunity.

This week’s Newsletter concerns Microsoft‘s approach to the Metaverse, it’s a starting point for a reflection that is present, with 14 other testimonials accompanied by graphs and mind maps, in my book “Metaverse. We and the Web 3.0“, published by Mondadori.

Fabio Moioli makes an interesting analysis for us in favor of the concept that the metaverse is a continuum of the internet we know nowadays and of the integration between different systems and platforms.

In addition to a powerful technological infrastructure, Microsoft also has a huge community in both the business and consumer fields, being a leader in the world of cloud, gaming (XBOX) and virtual environments (Minecraft, Teams, Mesh).

Microsoft recently announced an important partnership with Meta to provide the possibility for Microsoft users of Office365, Teams and XBOX to be able to see and fully use these softwares in “Mixed Reality” mode, through Meta Pro viewers.

Demonstrating that the metaverse and web 3, the first understood as a new environment and the second as a tech ecosystem, start with a broader and more open approach than what happened with web 1 or 2.

This week’s article examines concepts such as “digital twins“, simulated environments, Mixed Reality. Themes that Microsoft already mentioned in 2021, way before they became the subject of hype, as later happened.

It is underlined how the interoperability of the platforms will be crucial, also to favor the convergence of the different virtual worlds that are currently being created, to combine them into a single world.

You can read the extended in-depth analysis (in italian language) directly on LinkedIn.

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