Newsletter - Vision, Visions, Disneyland 2.0, Social Crisis, Sora and the unreal that awaits us

Newsletter – Vision, Visions, Disneyland 2.0, Social Crisis, Sora and the unreal that awaits us

Futuro. Noi e il Web 3.0

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Vision, Visions, Disneyland 2.0, Social Crisis, Sora and the unreal that awaits us

We have selected many innovations in the new technologies sector that are worth keeping up with in this edition of the Newsletter: visions, partnerships, environments and strategies that are evolving rapidly in the context of this new “unreal reality” that is emerging.

Starting from the 360° reactions regarding the Apple Vision Pro, now available in the USA for the first tests in the real world. We analyzed the press news and the use cases related to business, the most creative, constructive, fun and also the most peculiar ones.

Apple Vision Pro - Vanity Fair

We have collected the “comparative” reactions of Meta and Marc Zuckerberg regarding their latest headset, the Quest 3 (between strategies, results and partnerships), and those coming from the East, with Alibaba‘s new investments in the Augmented Reality sector.

Meta - Quest 3

We pay attention on how Disney decided to collaborate with Fortnite to evolve its vision of the Metaverse (while Disney+ continues to offer its content for Apple Vision).

Disney x Epic Games - Fortnite

Microsoft expands Teams to evolve traditional video calls towards experiences that until now were still only available to a limited user base, while working with Meta to also nurture Virtual Reality.

We dedicate a parenthesis to the identity evolution of social networks: different points of view lead to thinking about the roles that old and new platforms are taking on for different generations of users (examining their current uses and geographical areas of origin).

In the field of Artificial Intelligence, there is the Gemini launch by Google (which replaces Bard in the competition with ChatGPT) integrating its services into the hardware and software solutions available to the Big G, but there is also SORA (text to video services) by OpenAI.

Unity and Unreal are meanwhile planning their improvement strategy to compete with generative softwares.

Unreal Engine

The future of the past was slow, this present future is fast and it’s important to keep up as managers, entrepreneurs, professionals.

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