Lorenzo Montagna - Eta Beta - Radio Rai 1

Rai Radio 1 – Lorenzo Montagna at Eta Beta – The computer in space, from the new viewers the world painted with data

Lorenzo Montagna was a guest in the Radio Rai 1 program Eta Beta* hosted by Massimo Cerofolini, to discuss Metaverse and “spatial computing“.

The subject of the episode was an in-depth analysis, starting from the recent announcement of the Apple Vision Pro viewer, on the evolution of the computer as we understand it today towards a physical environment in which real world, information and digital content overlap, like a world “painting” with data.

Different guests compare different points of view to understand what results and consequences can be expected from this new way of conceiving information.

The full episode (in italian language) can be streamed here: RayPlay Sound > Eta Beta

* Eta Beta – Radio Rai 1 – Saturday from 11.30 to 12.00
Massimo Cerofolini interviews experts of the digital revolution live to tell how start-ups and creative ingenuity change our habits: public administration, assistance, health, school, tourism, food, culture, information, e-commerce.