Apple Vision Pro

A step into the future with Apple Vision Pro: Metaverse redefined

During the WWDC23 (Worldwide Developers Conference) Apple presented the long-awaited ARAugmented Reality – “Vision Pro” viewer.

Apple Vision Pro

Although it is defined by Tim Cook as an AR viewer, in truth it is technically an MR viewer, or Mixed Reality, like Microsoft Hololens. (RIP).

It is not clear at the moment how “on board” and strategic VRVirtual Reality is, given that the images and videos currently offer the immersive vision of films, videos and photos. There are no explicit references to interactive computer graphics and gaming, but given the partnerships with Unity and the fact that they have created a new platform for developers, I’d say it’s a matter of time. Little however. Although for sure Vision Pro will not be an evolution of the PlayStation but more likely an evolved new PC.

The Apple CEO has in fact done two relevant things in terms of language:

1) he didn’t talk about Metaverse to avoid the syllogism created by Zuckerberg

2) he always and only talks about a new SPATIAL COMPUTING platform, a term well known to insiders since 2003: “A human interaction with a machine in which the machine retains and manipulates referents to real objects and spaces”. (Simon Greenwold)

Apple Vision Pro - Spatial Computer

In fact, what you see around you wearing the viewer is not a different world from the one that surrounds us and it is not even superimposed and interactive like traditional AR services via smartphone or glasses, but can also be manipulated in terms of size and shape and it also adapts to the surrounding world by creating that “blurring” between real and digital that makes this technology magical.

What is revolutionary about this viewer is the mix of technology, user experience and content.
It has no equal.

On the one hand, this new Apple device runs two very powerful processors, cameras, microphones, special lenses, etc. So a lot of technology.
Keep in mind that “on board” this device there are five thousand patents!

Apple Vision Pro - Technology

On the other hand, ease of use: there are no joysticks or remote controls, you use your hands, fingers, eyes and voice, you can’t see headphones yet the sound is “spatial” or rather it follows the trajectories and dynamics exactly, adapting to the space.

Apple Vision Pro - Audio Ray Tracing

Tech, UX, but finally content. That is Apple‘s APP ecosystem and two new partnerships to start: one with Disney and one with Unity. Basically the number one in cinema and gaming.

So while those who don’t understand anything about technology get lost in criticizing the few questionable aspects of the hardware (like criticizing the exhaust pipes of a Lamborghini) those who have a minimum of cunning have understood that from Monday, June 5th, a new era begins: that of “augmented” vision.

After having an Apple device in your pocket (iPhone), one in your bag (iPad), one on your desk (Mac), one on your wrist (iWatch) and one in your ear (Airpods) we can also have a device on your eyes.

Apple Vision Pro

As Tim Cook says: “The first Apple device that you don’t just see, but see through” – obviously something extraordinary.

But let’s remember that we won’t see “Vision Pro” until next year…
In the meantime, Meta also coincidentally presented its future Meta Quest 3 glasses – coincidentally Mixed Reality and not just Virtual and Lenovo presented its augmented reality glasses.

As always Apple is the accelerator and leader of a new market.

Now let’s wait for Google 😉